Full body X-rays taken from a young cat.

X-Rays for Your Pets

Whether your pet broke a bone or is dealing with pain, an X-ray can signal the cause of the discomfort. Our on-site digital X-rays offer veterinarians and pet owners a safe inside look for every situation. X-rays aren’t just for bones, it offers our veterinarians vital information about organ health by showing them the silhouette of the major organs. By obtaining this information, it can help narrow down where the problem is originating and the next plan of action.

Undergoing Lab Testing

In some situations, your cat or dog’s symptoms may signal a serious condition. When lab testing is required, we are here to provide you with a convenient option. We offer on-site lab work, giving you the answers you need as quickly as possible.  From comprehensive chemistry panels that give us information about liver and kidney values, to thyroid, and pancreatic lipase tests, we will work our hardest to get answers, and get them fast. In the event that we need to send out your pet’s bloodwork to our reference lab, we usually get results the very next business day for most tests!


Sometimes it is helpful for a veterinarian to visually see how your pet looks on the inside, as certain issues do not show up with bloodwork. An ultrasound is a safe and sophisticated tool that allows veterinarians to see organs in greater detail without surgery. Whether it be an abdominal ultrasound or an echocardiogram, an ultrasound gives us a detailed image of various organ structures and their movement to better diagnose areas of discomfort, swelling, or infection – all in real-time!


Does your pet have a heart issue? Has their heart murmur gotten worse? We are ready to help provide you peace of mind by offering in-house electrocardiogram (ECG) testing. Using the electrical activity of the heart, an electrocardiogram identifies problematic areas within the heart and is a vital diagnostic tool.