Wellness care

Annual physical exams

Did you know that each year your pet misses a physical examination is the equivalent to you not seeing your own doctor for 6 or 7 years? We all want our pets to have happy, healthy, long lives. Unfortunately, they can’t always tell us when he or she isn’t feeling well. Animals are masters at suppressing symptoms so as to not worry us. Usually by the time they can no longer hide how bad they feel, their sickness has been going on for quite a while. For this reason, we encourage you to bring your pet in for a yearly physical examination as our trained veterinarians can help detect early warning signs of illness.

The Right Vaccinations

Just like humans, animals are at risk of contracting a number of different diseases during their lifetime. Fortunately, vaccinations are available to protect your companion from these threats. From rabies to Bordetella, our veterinarians offer a variety of different vaccinations for each of our pet patients. It is important to note that in New York City, pets must be registered with an up to date rabies vaccination by law. We are happy to help you register your furry friend so that you stay in compliance with the law.


It’s one of our greatest fears – your dog broke out of it’s leash and ran down the street, or your cat snuck out of an open window and is nowhere to be found. Pet’s do get lost. In the event that they do get lost, they are likely to approach someone to help them find their way back home. Collars and harnesses with ID tags aren’t always the most reliable safety measure for identifying your pet, as these can fall off or break while your pet is missing. That’s why we encourage pet owners to consider microchipping their pet. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is placed on your pet’s back underneath the skin and stays with them for life. We’ve partnered up with Home Again to provide you with microchips that are internationally recognized. So whether it happens anywhere within the United States or abroad, if your pet is lost you can help get reunited by microchipping them.